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About - Court Vision and Mission


The Court has been empowered to in addition to such other jurisdiction as may be conferred upon it by an Act of the National Assembly, exercise such appellate and supervisory jurisdiction in civil proceeding where the subject matter of the claim is on, or relates to Customary Law; and exclusive original jurisdiction in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja to hear and determine disputes on or relating to Chieftaincy Matters.

The Court holds quarterly sessions in addition to the regular sitting at its Headquarter. This is to take away the enormous cost burden on litigants and their counsels.


The need to streamline the administration of native law and custom and the courts structure, led to the initiation and eventual passage of the Federal Capital Territory customary Court Act 2007 that created Customary Court, as Courts of first instance with full powers to hear and determine causes and matters on Customary laws and such other matters as are conferred upon it.

See Section 1 and 14 of the Federal Capital Territory Customary Court Act 2007. The structure of the Customary Court of the Federal Capital Territory is directly under the Customary Court of Appeal, Abuja in all ramifications.